About Us


Even though each of us has been doing this a long time, it doesn't  mean we're jaded. In fact, we love what we do. We've worked for corporations and then had them as clients when we started our own businesses. We've worked with start ups and Fortune 500 companies and we want to work with you.

Jim Lombardo
Dan McConnell

Dan is an expert in managing Fortune 500 client relationships and leading new ventures throughout global markets. He has extensive international experience from working, traveling and living in numerous international cities and excellent consensus building and organizational skills. Dan is a founding advisory board member and instructor in the University of Washington's award-winning Public Relations and Strategic Communications Certificate Program was presented the University's Excellence in Teaching Award in 2014. He has more interesting experiences in a month than many of us have in a lifetime. Check out his blog and you will see.  http://extremedanmc.blogspot.com/

Bruce Towne

Jim has extensive experience in video production, corporate communications and public relations.  His corporate video work has been recognized with Emerald City Awards, a Cindy, a number of Tellys as well as certificates of excellence from the Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communicators. With expertise in print as well as video, he has served as editor-in-chief of Boeing's award-winning AERO magazine.


Bruce specializes in  training, marketing, employee and web-based communications for businesses of all sizes. His technical expertise makes him an invaluable part of the team. He is an accomplished producer, director and editor. Bruce is as comfortable on a small shoot as he is directing international multi-camera web events. He has owned a couple of companies over the years and knows first hand the challenges businesses face.