Crisis Management

Risk Assessment

We identify primary areas of industry concern. For restaurants, contamination of ingredients. For manufacturers, site pollution and waste management. Then, the areas of universal concerns which impact all companies such as investor relations, union relations, sexual harassment and executive pay.  We then identify your company's subject matter experts for each area and prepare a crisis management blueprint.


The best training simulates real life situations and we make it as real as possible. Potential scenarios are developed specifically for your company. Mock interviews, phone calls, and press conferences are created to make your spokespeople feel the pressure. The goal is to make sure when they are thrust into the spotlight, they are calm and credible.


We first work with senior management to identify key areas of concern. We research and analyze your organization's reputation and prior relations with the press. We also have discussions with plant managers, store managers, middle managers, sales representatives - any people who interact with your customers.


The time to  manage a crisis is before it happens. Our team counsels your team on effective procedures to anticipate, prepare for and diffuse potentially damaging situations. 

  • CitiBank
  • Dale Chihuly
  • the Dalai Lama
  • Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center
  • McDonald's
  •  Nordstrom
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Pep Boys Auto Parts
  • Space Needle
  • Swedish Hospital
Crisis Lead | Dan McConnell

Dan’s crisis work is nationally recognized, having worked on high-profile labor strikes, financial crises, food-borne illness outbreaks, media attacks, terrorist threats and reputation rebuilding. He has been honored with the national public relations society’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his strategic handling of public communications and most recently was presented the University of Washington’s highest teaching award for work as an instructor and advisory board member from the business community.