Live Production

Design and Management

Each venue offers a unique set of challenges.  We have produced events in conference centers, auditoriums, ballrooms and rock venues. We have worked in Europe, North America, South American and Asia. There is no universal internet standard and quality can vary dramatically from one location to the next.  We work with you, your suppliers, the venue and their unions to create the optimal web experience using state-of-the-art event technology.  

Multicam Switched Production

Whether you require one camera or a dozen, we have the experience to make certain your production runs smoothly. Our directors, editors and graphic designers can make the complex simple and the ordinary extraordinary. 


At Lombardo & Company, our expertise is scalable to your requirements. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive creative direction or supply the equipment and personnel for a live switched webcast. We work with the best set and lighting designers to create an optimal environment for video production.

Production Lead | Bruce Towne

Bruce has been involved with video production his entire career. He specializes in the technical aspects and is the member of our team who has actually read the instruction manuals for the all gear and software. His is the calm and steady voice heard over the headsets guiding the managed chaos of live production. Bruce has traveled around the world and knows as much as anyone how to direct the installation of a stage in Montreal, assemble an edit suite in Amsterdam and calling shots in Tokyo. In fact, his middle name is Carnet. 

  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Worldmark
  • Rotary International
  • Pacific Lutheran University