Effective and creative video programs are a fundamental part of what we do. With decades of experience, each video is developed to accomplish clearly stated goals and objectives to reach clear defined audiences. To do this, we rely on a process to keep each program on schedule and within a mutually agreed to budget.  While you could hire us to just write the script or just edit your program, most clients use us as their full-service production company. The creative treatment must be realistic for the budget to be met and the more control we have over the research, concept, script writing, production and post production, the better the chance that will happen.

Video Lead | Jim Lombardo

Jim has over 30 years of video production and management experience. With a background in writing and public relations, his emphasis is to always keep focused on the goals and objectives for each program. He has worked as a consultant for a public relations agency, communications manager for a Fortune 500 company, general manager of a post production facility and as a small business owner. He has written for radio and television commercials, corporate videos as well as managed print and web projects. And while Jim takes the lead on video projects, he is supported by Dan McConnell, an Emmy-award winning documentary writer and producer and Bruce Towne a talented and award-winning director, editor and director of photography. 

Zach Lombardo

Epilepsy Foundation NW



Agency, Spin Creative

Agency, Spin Creative

Jim Lombardo, Producer/Director

Jim Lombardo, Producer

Process is Key

Jim Lombardo, Writer

  • Airborne Freight
  • Fluke Manufacturing
  • Ernst Home Centers
  • Epilepsy Foundation Northwest

Jim Lombardo, Writer

Spin Creative, Production 

  • Nordstrom
  • Microsoft
  • Spin Creative
  • Weyerhaeuser

Bruce Towne, DP/Editor